The Journal is Digitized!


The American Fly Fisher, the scholarly journal of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, is a quarterly journal worth its weight in gold. For 40 years the Museum in Manchester, Vermont, has published this rich resource. I am thrilled to share with you today the Museum has announced all back issues are now available digitally (free of charge). This is huge. As a collector of the back issues, I can’t wait to read through the early issues which are no longer available.

Be sure to read the index issues to discover all the treasures within.

Inbound Books




The fruit of my auction (times ten). It is not often that I receive books in the mail. I tend to avoid purchasing titles online (it is just too easy) and instead prefer to scout books in used bookstores (where else?) wherever I can. My work requires frequent travel, and rarely do I leave a town without a treasure. 

On the other hand auctions – specifically Angling Book Auctions- happen so infrequently I can justify the expenditure to try to win one token item (or, in auction parlance,”lot”). There is a certain pleasure in participating in the events, and I consider the catalog as a reference of sorts (particularly if it is illustrated).

I will let you know when I find another Angling Book Auction. At this rate, the auction houses will find me!