snookFishing the Everglades National Park at the southern tip of Florida begins well before dawn.   A daisy chain of skiff boats headed south converges in Homestead and makes a sharp turn towards the largest sub-tropical wilderness park in the US. But not without a pit stop at Diane’s gas station, a fueling grounds for fishing guides and their sports. We admire each others skiff boats under the fluorescent lights.

Once at the park entrance, you can’t help but read the ‘Mosquito Level: High’ sign and quixotically wonder at the system for calibrating such lethal metrics. Your guide offers a practical means of defense: spray Deet (40%) before you step out of the vehicle. Another suggestion: Don’t open the windows.

The drive from the park entrance to the sea-side marina is longer than anticipated, and straight as an arrow. That is, until a sharp 90-degree curve wakes you from your eerie surroundings. The angular curve has historic meaning- it is the namesake  which gave Flip Pallot his moniker after rolling his trailored skiff  there over 30 years ago. Continue reading