Professional Guiding Experience

Sweetwater Guide School Graduate, Montana
Montana- Blackfoot, Bighorn, Missouri, and Sweetwater Rivers
Arkansas- Little Red, White, and Spring Rivers


Hooked-On-A-Cure Celebrity Fly Fishing Fundraiser Guide
Country Club of Little Rock Fly Fishing Program
Federation Of Fly Fishers Board Member, Arkansas Fly Fishers
FFF Southern Council Sow Bug Participant
MidSouth Fly Fishers Participant
Presentation: Fly Fishing Sweden

       Fly Fishing Product Development

Danielsson Fly Reels - Digital Media Marketing & Ambassador Program Designer
Gin-Clear Media - Video Distrubution Network
Psaros Fly Fishing - Fly Reel Product Marketing- Press Release, Content Creation
Broman Odell - European Fly Fishing Gear Designer, "BRo" fly fishing concept

       International Fly Fishing Travel

Patagonia, Argentina- Brown Trout
Yucatan, Mexico- Bonefish
Baja California, Mexico- Rooster fish
Lappland, Sweden- Grayling

Trout School was originally chartered on the banks of the White River by me and my fly fishing mentor, Tom Abel:


Tom is in the past tense now. Troutschool lives on by me, Brandon Simmons.

Old School > New School > Trout School

2 thoughts on “Brandon

  1. Your very cool waxed canvas product page may have a typo. 4-piece 9′ (or 9-foot) rod is what I think you meant. It says 9″ (9-inch).

    Hope it helps! Sorry to bother you if I’m confused.

    Be well,

    • Sorry couldn’t see any way to contact you on either page. Hope this gets to you. Feel free to delete my comments as its not relevant to this pages content.

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