Roosterfish Recipe for Success



  • Roundtrip airfare to Cabo, Mexico
  • Rental Car
  • 8# stick and your best reel spooled with a slime line
  • Fishpond Ice Storm Soft Cooler (packed with board shorts and t shirts)


When you arrive in Cabo, rent a vehicle, drive one-hour north, then turn right.  Stop for groceries and beverages.  Turn suitcase upside down, empty contents. Stuff clothes into the bag your beer and ice came in. The Ice Storm thus becomes your cervezeria for the duration of the adventure, allowing you to concentrate on more important matters, such as catching your first roosterfish.


Try this: Comb the beach in search of plate-sized shadows swimming parallel to the shore just beyond the mini waves.  Once found, cast an ALF fly into their path and retrieve with gusto.alf


In case of skunk: Awake before dawn and blind cast directly into the rising sun.  Once you feel the rooster take, strip strike like a purse thief.


For best results, repeat daily- especially the morning of your departure.  Don’t forget to remove your cooler, I mean suitcase, from the rental car.