TroutSchool is more than a school.

If you are trying to learn how to fly fish your best bet is to get off the internet and go outside on the lawn and practice casting. If you can already cast and are having trouble catching fish, then try this: the next time you go fishing leave your rod in the car and teach youreslf to find fish. Polarized glasses and studying the water will help.  Be very still and attentive; you will be amazed at your discoveries. Keep a journal. Observe.

Be careful, you might learn something here.

If you can cast, know where the fish are, and still can’t catch any fish then you should consider hiring a guide. Guided fly fishing is an intense expereince and will pay short-run dividends. Plus you will pick up so many tricks-of-the-trade your confidence level will be sky high.

See, Troutschool is didactic.

For more stimulating Fly Fishing knowledge visit section 799 in your public library. You might enjoy 688 as well.

Troutschool is a an assembly of fly fishing services:

Guide Service  recommendations. For a Fly Fishing guide service on my home water, the Little Red River, I suggest Arkansas Drift.

Museum – Constantly inspired by the vintage identity of flinging a fly, Trout School is endoresed by the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

Marketing – Trout School offers fly fishing marketing strategies; it aspires to capture the culture we call fly fishing.

Trout Study Group –Extra curricular activities.

Travel – aka vacation, book your trip now.


4911 Country Club Blvd

Little Rock, Ar 72207


2 thoughts on “411

  1. What up?!
    Nice to see you doing some “real” scandinavian fishing..
    When are you coming up to the Torne vally to try your luck with our big salmon and grayling? Hope everything is well, and that you are catching and lot of springers!
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Tight lines and best regards.

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