[The following list is incomplete and merely represents the articles which I have uncovered (and in some cases scanned) to share with you.  If  you are aware of or in ownership of others not included in this list, please let me know. Please do not assume any of the material here is definitive, this is a work-in-progress.]

FF 1978 p 44FF 1978 p 45

Better Bluegilling, Getting the most out of your panfish sport, FlyFisherman,  p 44, Vol 9, No 6, June 1978

John Gierach’s first magazine article (according to this July 2011 Denver Post interview):

I was reading “Fly Fisherman” magazine, which was the only fly- fishing magazine in existence in the time, and I remember thinking: “You know, these stories aren’t that good. They’re comprehensible, but it’s not War and Peace.” So almost on a whim, I wrote a story about fly-fishing. I think it was about bluegills, because I used to go out to Sawhill Pond and catch bluegills for food. And I sold it, and I remember it was like, $75, which was huge money back then. And I just thought, “Well, maybe I can do this to finance my ‘real’ writing career instead of driving a garbage truck.”

By 1981, John had published articles in the following magazines (according to a letter addressed to Nick Lyons dated 31 Jan, 1981):


  • Sports Afield
  • Fly Fisherman
  • The Fly Fisher
  • Fly Fishing the West
  • Angler
  • Tailwinds
  • Colorado Streamside

[I have yet to find extant copies of the last  three entries of this list]

FF 1978 - Gierach First Cover

This is the cover of the issue in which Gierach’s first fishing magazine article appeared.

Fly Fisherman (NY, NY). Published seven times a year.

  • Better Bluegilling- Getting the most out of your panfish sport, p 44, Volume 9, Number 6, June 1978
  • Larger Hooks for for Small Flies, p 98, Volume 10, Number 4, April 1979
  • The new Catch-and-Release Areas for Colorado, p 88, Volume 10, Number 5, May 1979

The Fly Fisher: The Official Publication of the Federation of Fly Fishers (West Yellowstone, MT). Published four times a year.

  • Fly-Tying Materials, p.26, Volume XII, Number 4, 1979
  • Substitutes, p 29, Volume XIII, Number 4, 1980
  • The Bluegill Run, p 29, Volume XIV, Number 2, 1981
  • The Myth of Selectivity, p 33, Volume XV, Number 3, 1982
  • Nymph Materials – Quality materials are important for good nymphs, p 6, Volume XVI, Number 1, Winter 1983
  • Gearing Up For Hopper Fishing- a good review of an old topic and some fine photos of patterns, p 6, Volume XVI, Number 3, Summer 1983
  • A Year in the Canyon – Taking difficult trout is a year-long challenge in Colorado’s Cheesman Canyon, p 3, Volume XVII, Number 1, Winter 1984
  • Multiple Hatches – A good review of an Old Problem, p 24, Volume XVII, Number 3, Summer 1984

The following four essays, previously published as magazine articles in The Fly Fisher, became chapters in Trout Bum (1986):

  • Zen & the Art of Nymph Fishing (ch. 3)
  • Kazan River (ch. 9)
  • Headwaters (ch. 13)
  • Turning Pro (ch. 14)

FlyFishing Dec 83FlyFishing Dec 83 ToContents
FlyFishing (Portland, OR). Published six times a year.

  • Brook No Doubt – How to charm big char, p 74, Volume 6, Number 1, March-April 1983
  • The Spinner Fall – The last and sometimes most rewarding stage, p 38, Volume 6, Number 2, May-June 1983
  • Shear Delights – Streamside fly surgery, p 28, Volume 6, Number 3, July-August, 1983
  • Organic Flies – Classic flies tied au naturel, p 28, Volume 6, Number 5, Nov-Dec, 1983
Sylvan Headwater Creek by Bob White for Gierach's 100th Sporting Life column

Sylvan Headwater Creek by Bob White for Gierach’s 100th Sporting Life column

Fly Rod & Reel -“The Sporting Life”  column since March 1992. This column replaced “The Seasonable Angler” previously authored by Nick Lyons.  Illustrations by Bob White. To read Gierach’s testimonial of Bob’s illustrations – which include, ” Bob doesn’t tell me how to write and I wouldn’t presume to try and tell him how to paint” – click here.


  • Weekly column for the Longmont Daily Times-Call  (Longmont, Colordo). Non-sports related.
  • Monthly column Redstone Review [Context needed]
  • Column for The New York Times (New York, New York). [Dates needed]


  1. When you were researching John’s magazine articles, did you find a magazine version of his story “Sawhill Portrait” that appeared in “Trout Bum?” I thought the story first appeared in “Fly Fishing” magazine but I could not find the story in my collection of that magazine.

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