Gierach Research Project


I have this problem where every time I am in an airport I see a single older looking white-bearded gentlemen dressed in outdoor clothes with a pen in his chest pocket I am convinced it is John Gierach. Only once have I approached the look-alike to ask if he was, in fact, John Gierach. The awkward look on the victim’s face has forced me to snap out of my fantasy. What this has taught me, besides that my brain sees whatever it wants to see, is I have a  compulsion and am in need of therapy. The content below is my cure.

The links below describe Gierach’s early works. I bookend this period from 1975-1992, which correspond to the year he self-published his first book of poetry to the year he began composing the monthly “Sporting Life” column for Fly Rod & Reel Magazine. The focus of this work is pre-Trout Bum (1986).

POETRY – The early stuff. I cherish these b/c they reveal who Gierach was as a young wordsmith. Principle influencers include Jack Collum and Gary Snyder (among others) who provide a link to the end of the Beat Generation.

MAGAZINE ARTICLES – These are interesting- not just b/c Gierach’s mark is as an essayist, but b/c you can read these and hear his voice and style maturing.

I am currently compiling additional details, including books, bio, and interviews. This virtual Gierach bibliography is a work in progress and I encourage any of you who would like to assist in the compilation of this catalog to please leave a reply. I have made notes in the sections where I am aware there are many missing elements – usually in brackets.

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