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Winchester Press: The Books that Won the West

The fabled gunsmith entered the 20th century poised to dominate a product line which spilled well outside of its famed Model 1873 rifle known by its moniker, “the Gun that Won the West”. Immediately prior to the Great Wars Winchester expanded their horizons beyond guns and ammunition into tools and sporting goods. The firm was on a path of large scale integration: In regards to fly fishing equipment, they acquired the Hendryx reel firm and even employed  the renown bamboo rod maker Eustice Edwards. However, the toll of the great depression was too much to bear, and after only six years of success the Winchester Repeating arms company went into receivership.

A New York Publisher, led by Jim Rikhoff, packaged books under the venerable Winchester label and proceeded to establish the cornerstone of our modern fly fishing heritage. This blog entry strives to catalog Winchester Press fly fishing titles and describes their impact  throughout the 1970s on the genre.

28496 Atlantic Salmon Catskill Rivers Classic Rods & Rodmakers Complete book of casting Even tempered Angler Fiberglass Rod Making fishing Moments of Truth Fly Dressing Materials Fly Fishing the Lakes How to Fish Good How to tie freshwater flies Kamloops Modern Book of the Black Bass Modern Fly Dressings MOdern fresh and salt water fly fishing Nymphs Patterns & Places Teh American Fly Tiers Handbook The Atlantic Salmon The Fishing in Print The Pleasures of FF The Year of the Trout Trout Hunting Trout Streams

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For those of you as obsessed with Angling Libraries as I am, I have begun to compile a geographical reference- a treasure map, if you will. This is a Public Google Map which provides a pin for each institution I have found to house an Angling Book Collection.

Please let me know if I have omitted any sites you may be aware of. I have been fairly loose with my criteria (I would rather be inclusive to allow for a larger footprint).

I have visited only a handful of these places yet cherish the time spent within their majestic stacks. I welcome your input and any stories of your pilgrimages you care to share.

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