Angling Library Locator

For those of you as obsessed with Angling Libraries as I am, I have begun to compile a geographical reference- a treasure map, if you will. This is a Public Google Map which provides a pin for each institution I have found to house an Angling Book Collection.

Please let me know if I have omitted any sites you may be aware of. I have been fairly loose with my criteria (I would rather be inclusive to allow for a larger footprint).

I have visited only a handful of these places yet cherish the time spent within their majestic stacks. I welcome your input and any stories of your pilgrimages you care to share.

8 thoughts on “Angling Library Locator

  1. Yes, I did. Inspired in part by Robert Demott’s preface to Asream (page xii) coupled with my devout desire to visit more of these libraries. I have visited Northwestern’s Joseph Spear Beck Collection, the Angler’s Club of New York Library, and the University of Montana’s Trout & Salmonid collection. Each contain treasures beyond belief!

    • Do you mind if I reblog this, with credit to you? Also, if you ever want to visit the giant WSU collection, let me know; I have plenty of room for visiting anglers at my house. Most of the collection (the Gallup collection, specifically) is not on the shelves yet, and there are still huge numbers of texts coming in. If you like, I can share the current listing of books with you.

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