1) Motel Thought in the 70’s (1975), Lodestar Press (Boulder, CO). 16 pp. Wraps.

Motel Thought in the 70's Cover

Notes: Unknown # of copies, purported to be very few. Lodestar Press consisted of John Gierach, John Moulder and Charley George.

[If you are interested in reading the contents let me know]

2) Signs of Life (1977) Cherry Valley Editions, 55 pp.


Notes: An edition of 1,000 copies. Gil Lipp photo credits (who is also credited with ascribing to John the nickname of ‘Grits’ – see The Pursit, Death, Taxes, & Leaky Waders, pp. 117,Cherry Valley also published beat poets Allen Ginsberg, & William Burroughs among others.


1) The Lodestar Broadsides (no date), Lodestar Press (Boulder, CO) Edited by John Moulder, Marc Campbell and John Gierach

Lodestar Broadsides CoverLodestar Broadsides Inside

Notes: An edition of 150 copies.

2) Rocky Ledge Number One (1979)

Rocky Ledge #1 Cover ???????????????????????????????

Notes: 8 poems by John Gierach.

3) New Blood (1980),  Volume 1, Number 1, 68 pp.

New Blood Vol 1 #1

Notes: First issue of this small press poetry magazine. Includes a review written by John Gierach for poet Reed Bye’s “Some Magic at the Dump” and “Erstwhile Charms”.  Edited by Waldman and Bye. Cover art by Glen Baxter, Published by Artz Press.

One thought on “POETRY

  1. It would be interesting to see the eight poems from the 1979 “Rocky Ledge”. Mr. Gierach is accompanied by a number of well-known and formidable poets in that issue.

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