Mailbox Flies

Bonefish Flies tied by Chris Morris

1st row: “Schrimp”
2nd row: cross b/w “Mantis Shrimp” and “The Usual”
3rd row: “Merkin Crab” with antron yarn for the body and the other two flies I just made with material lying around
4th row: Clousers out of deer hair and the last 3 out of fox tail and some type of hair I found in the grab bag you gave. Figured they could work as a heavy crab or shrimp.
The “schrimp” pattern is an awesome sowbug scaled down.


2 thoughts on “Mailbox Flies

    • Philippe,

      Any particular one you like, or do you want the same box of flies? My email address is I do accept Visa/MC as well.

      I haven’t sold the above box before, but I’m sure we could work out a fair price. I will be out of town this week, but back on Monday. So, I could start tying them as early as Monday.



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