Copenhagen Casting Club


Fly Fishing, like Frisbee golf, takes practice. What better reason to lock yourself into a gymnasium with a bunch of coffee-fueled Danes? 

The Copenhagen Casting Club trains twice a month- indoors in the winter and out-of-doors in the summer.  The venue I attended was in a huge multi-sport complex with a half-dozen high-ceiling courts. Members cast alongside one another towards the the soccer football goals.

Henrik, the organizer and leader, offered free casting advice. He is well qualified to do so, as an FFF master certified casting instructor.  He inspected my loops and diagnosed them in the air. His suggestions proved  advantageous to send my tuft of yarn into the goal:  I needed to delay power application to better load the rod.  Another corrective improvement he noticed was my line was too heavy for my rod. Tactical advice from an expert- what better reason to join the club?


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